The marriage that changed my life.. (part 3)

.... Their looks started to give me shivers and that could be heard by my bangles rattling with each other which didi had made me wear at night. Didi felt bad and she came and sat besides me and and hug me tight. I could feel my fake breasts being crushed, but the warmth of the sisterly love made me calm down and once again i decided, whatever happens, i am ready to deal with it.

Remember me telling you that my sister had spoken something to my mom in private? It seems that my mom already knew what all is happening in the room where i was being transformed. Whenever my sister used to go out of the room, she used to tell mom about the progress of my femdom. My mom gave such a reaction to me as she never expected me to look so feminine, as if i was born a girl. I had thick and long eyebrows which helped me to get a perfect arch shaped eyebrows, and the extensions did the rest of the job to make me more girly with that curly salon treated hairs. My mom then spoke to me. The first thing she said was "beti" which means daughter in Hindi. Tears rolled down my cheeks. Mom said that didi had told her everything and she felt bad that i could not directly tell her. My face had become red. My sisters friends one by one got up and started to get ready for the day. I told mom and sister that we can go to other room as didi's friends would change their clothes, to which one of her friend said that there's no need for anyone to go out as there was no guy and all were girls. I did not even feel wierd when she said that as i did not consider myself that i was a male anymore. I was all female, except for one part of my body which really made me hate it more and more. As mom was talking to me and making me understand about my upcoming life and how i should be from this day till my last breath, my sister was tying my hairs as it had become a bit messed up while i was sleeping. Mom said that she has a lot of work to do and that we both sisters need to get ready and look like princesses for my sisters wedding. all went to bath and at last after everybody, i took bath. I was afraid for the breasts as they may fall down after the soap touched them but they did not. i felt so feminine touching my breasts and taking a shower and took almost 45 minutes to come out. Now i understood why women take so long to take bath and get ready. To my surprise everyone was ready and dressed very beautifully and were on to their make up. I saw my bed and my clothes were ready for me to wear. It was a pretty white anarkalli dress with golden border which was having a deep back and the front was worked with a lot of embroidery. No wonder the dress was so heavy. The front was as such that my cleavage was clearly visible. To make it more sexy didi gave me a plunge bra which plunges the breasts a bit for that extra added sexappeal. Didi made me wear the bra correctly and gave me a moisturizer to apply all over my body. I felt so sexy touching my soft and smooth skin. Didi helped me to apply on my back as my dress had deep back. She did not want me to have dried skin. The fragrance of the moisturizer was very feminine and even gave a shine to my skin and made it look very fresh. Didi then told me to get dressed. After i wore the dress, i was very uncomfortable as the bra was actually plunging my busts and that was clearly visible. Didi then gave me the dupatta for it which hid most of the breasts but it did give a slight hint of what was peeping from inside... She then pinned it up neatly and started with my make up. By the time i was dressing, all my didi's friends along with her had already dressed up and waiting for me to get dolled up. Again all the hot and sexy ladies were on me to make me look like one of them. I was made to wear a red lipstick and had a smoky eyeshadow and some blush for the function. My cheeks shined when i smiled. My ears had healed by now and my sister gave me a slightly heavy earring which were long and sexy to wear for the sangeet as the small ones were not suitable for the function. They were dangling on my ears and i was pretty uncomfortable as it was very new to me as the other feminine things on me. Didi then gave me the necklace,similar to that of the earrings. i was also given bangles and rings to make me all accessorized. My second studd was of real diamond that my sister was gifted by her in-laws which she gave me as a token of sisterly love. It was really good. Last but not the least, i got a pair of anklets which made a very feminine sound when i moved walked. my toenails were also painted and gave a very feminine look and the anklet made my legs feel like a women's feet. The sangeet went pretty well and had a lot of fun to dance as a girl. I was given touch ups again and again so that i looked hot and sizzling all the time. I enjoyed my new life and cried thinking how lucky i was. my didi saw this and she came to me and asked what happened. I told her how i was feeling and she was so happy hearing that i was happy and hugged me again.

The wedding was after a week as we did not have a good and auspicious day till then for the wedding. This was the time when only me, didi and mom were together and no one else. All the guests had gone to their respective home. we had also come back to my hometown. Didi told me that this one week is very important to her as this week was the only time that she had to spend at her own house. She would be going to her new family and living there after her wedding. Didi told me that this whole week she wanted to go to all the places where she used to go with her friends and she even told me to join in. I said that i did not have any feminine clothes that i could wear and go with her and there was no way that i could have again turned into a guy after so much of efforts and dedications put to make me look like this. Didi said there are a lot of her old clothes that she has only worn once or twice, not more than that. She told me to take it. I was so happy... The clothes that i used to wear hiding from everyone, i would wear them in front of everyone...

I decided to wear her black patiyala with a white kurti which didi gave. It was quite tight on me... to which didi said i need to tone down a bit and be slim and trim so that i look good as being fat is not good for the girls as it spoils the body structure. But i had to wear something so i wore the same white kurti. Didi helped me to get it on my body correctly. As the kurti itself had a feminine shape, that of my didi, even i got the similar figure. my breasts were of correct fit in the kurti and it held my busts firmly. It did not bounce much and i was so happy. I felt more confident. then didi told me that she is going to her room to get ready and told me to get ready on my own as she wont be there to always get me dressed. I had to learn on my own. i wore the panty which didi got for me and it was so soft and silky. It was a hipster and helped my manly thing to be in place and not show any bulge. Next i planned to do my make up. I applied a bit of foundation as it helps the make up to last long. But there was a problem. my shaving was creating rashes on my cheeks which were very painful, but i did not tell didi as i thought it would be fine after some time. I applied a nude lipstick and put on mascara. I wanted it to be very simple and felt it was enough. Didi had got me a vanity bag and told me to carry it everywhere we went. I was quite happy with holding it as the gesture while holding the bag is very feminine. Didi had an appointment with kaya skin care clinic for her skin polishing and told me that we would get it done today itself. When we were about to leave didi came to my room to call me and she looked at me with a weird expression. I asked what happened, to which she said that i was missing something. She came to me, opened her purse and took out her kajal. She applied a thick line on the lower water line and then applied a liquid liner on the eyelid. She applied one more coat of mascara and my eyes were looking very fresh and big. Didi told me that make up helps us girls to look better if we wear it correctly. There are many tips and tricks that she said she would teach me before going home she said. We girls were all ready to go. Didi gave me one of her wedges and told me that it would give me good support and height and would even give my hips a lift and would make my movement more feminine.

We had lots of fun and while returning we went to kaya for didi's body polishing. The lady who attended us told that my skin needs polishing more than my sister as my skin had to be properly nourished. They even had some offer and didi agreed to give me the same treatment. The lady knew didi from a very long time as she was a regular customer. She told the lady about me and the lady told didi that instead of going for polishing let me go for hair removal through electrolysis. This would take out the hair permanently and wont grow for a very very long time. She said that she would do my entire body for half the rate as i was a special customer and they would do my facial hair for free..
Didi was sent to a room and me in another. After a long time of process, we were finally done. i was told not to go out in the sun as my skin is very delicate due to the process. Didi touched my skin and she said that its as good as hers and i was complimented a lot. We had a free make up and we left in our car with me covering my face with my sisters dupatta... When i reached home my mom was so happy to see both her daughters happy and beautiful.
                                                                                                    to be continued....

Significance of Mehndi in Indian Weddings

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The mehndi ceremony is something which is usually followed by the bride’s family. The origin of this amusing observance dates back to time immemorial and is one of the oldest Indian wedding traditions.
The mehendi ceremony is one of the most important and fun-filled pre-wedding ceremonies in Northern India. Apart from the fun it imparts, it has a deep-rooted cultural significance to it.
The Mehndi ki Raat is just before the wedding day. Mehndi is put on the hands of the hands and feet of the Indian bride by a family member or mehendi expert. Bride’s friends, sisters and other ladies present in the house also apply mehendi. This ceremony entails an elaborate design, which takes a couple of hours for applying over the hands and feet of the bride.
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In case of groom, a mere token of henna on his palm is a mark of good omen. This entire ritual is enabled with a deeper significance. Indians believe this ceremony to be highly auspicious, as it strengthens the bond between the about-to-be wedded couple. More darker the color of the henna is, the more deeper her husband’s love for her would be.
Significance of Mehndi
Mehndi signifies the bond of marriage, a promise both the bride and groom are going to follow it religiously all throughout their lives. Considered as a ‘shagun’, it signifies the love between the couple and their families.
Mehndi Ceremony  Miami Wedding Photography  Destination Wedding Photographers
Mehndi Ceremony  Miami Wedding Photography  Destination Wedding Photographers _haringphotography
Mehndi Ceremony  Miami Wedding Photography  Destination Wedding Photographers _haringphotography.
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Here are some popular beliefs associated with this ceremony. Have a look!
  • The darker is the color of mehendi on bride’s hand, the deeper will be the love of groom for his bride
  • The henna color also depicts the love and understanding between the bride and her mother-in-law
  • The longer the mehendi retains its color, the more auspicious it is for the newlyweds
  • Mehndi is also deemed to be a symbolic representation of fertility
mehndi ceremony before Tamil wedding
In India different families have different customs. While some families combine this with the ‘sangeet’ ceremony, other celebrate it separately. These days, with modernization getting dominant over almost every age-old culture, grooms are also seen participating in this ceremony along-with the bride’s family.
This Mehndi ceremony has always been highlighted in Hindi movies. The Indian weddings have been lavishly showcased via Bollywood. Even many Hindi songs were shot especially on Mehndi rasam, like the the evergreen song,‘Mere hathon mein nau nau chudiyan..’ sung by Lata Mangeshkar in Chandni movie. Because of its exposure through Bollywood movies, the usage of henna had never got such a global exposure before.
People beyond the borders got to know about the significance of mehndi in Indian marriages and moreover they became attracted to the rich intricate designs, thereby rapidly increasing the demand for the experts who put those designs. Eventfully online mehendi parlors and stores opened up to help those NRIs and foreigners to get those designs.
Evolution of traditional mehendi designs
The traditional designs of mehndi have become more and more intricate and decorative with time, with people getting more creative and ideas can easily be picked-up from online magazines. Several types of mehendi patterns are available today, most popular ones being the Arabic and Rajasthani designs.
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Mehendi is now even applied with sequins and glitters too, like crystals and sparkles. Each beautiful design is enabled with degrees of intricacy and can be made unique for the bride. These elaborate design patterns are now quite popular among Hindu and Muslim brides, worldwide.
Some other fun facts
The wedding mehendi designs usually includes the hidden inscription of the groom’s name on bride’s palm. While in some parts of India it is believed if the groom fails to find his name within the elaborate patterns, the bride will be dominant in conjugal life, in other regions, the wedding night is not allowed to commence until the groom has found his name in the design.
This is also seen as a stratagem to let the groom touch the bride’s hands in order to find his name, thus initiating the physical relationship. Another superstition regarding Mehendi is that if an unmarried girl receives scrapings of Mehendi leaves from a bride, she will soon find a suitable match.
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The marriage that changed my life.. (part 2)

.... i said to myself that this is something i could only dream of happening and this is actually happening with me. As i was in my own world thinking about all girly things i suddenly came back to reality as i felt the pain of piercing my ears. to my surprise i got pierced twice in a single ear. Now i had a second hole in my earlobe. My sisters friends said that my sister had told them to do so. i was shocked. one was ok, i could carry that as now a days most of the guys of my age have piercings but not two like girls. her friends told me, that would distinguish me from all the other guys out there and make me look more feminine. I knew what didi's friends were upto but did not know their limits. They did not stop at all. They kept on going one step after another. I knew in my heart that they are going to make me look like a girl for sure. The girls took a pic of me in that gown that i was wearing during my waxing. I was still in that. The girls said that i would feel relaxed and comfortable in them.  By this time my didi had come back to check on my transformation. I was looking at her traditional bangles. I complemented her saying that they are looking very pretty and the mehendi had become very dark and still had long time before she could clean her hands for the dried mehendi to be washed off. She had applied nilgiri which makes the colour dark. She told me not to worry. i would get my own set one day, and she complemented me on my mehendi. She said that mine was also getting darker as the time passed. I felt shy and everyone started teasing me. didi got a good set of long earrings for me and she gave it to me. she said i cant wear it now as the ears were freshly pierced and it would pain more if i wear long and heavy earrings. Didi saw my hair and said that my hairs are very small and cant be styled as a girls hair could and she felt bad that after putting so much of effort my look cant be completed without my hair done. She told her friends to style as she wanted it but my hairs were acting boyish. They were not ready to be styled as a girls hair. Preeti, again didi's friend who had a beauty parlour suggested that i can go for hair extensions. Didi said that it is a wonderful idea and her face started glowing with the idea as the picture in her mind to see me dressed as a girl would now be completed. So Preeti rushed to get the hair extensions and came back in half an hour. She said that she would do the keratin bonded hair extensions for me which are like permanent. After they are done they would be there forever. Finally i was getting long hairs. Felt so good. The hairs were like real human hairs which was very similar to my hair colour, but didi said that we can take care of it after we get it done. It took hell lot of time and too much of patience for my hair to come out perfect. Preeti glued the extensions onto my hairs and i could feel the volume and heavyness of the hairs. Preeti got me curled hairs as suggested by didi. She said that when it is completed, it would look very pretty on me. As Preeti was getting my hair done, didi saw that my lips are getting dried up. She told Sonali to apply some lip balm on my lips. she said she only has one and she could not share due to hygiene. Didi agreed and then told Sonali to get a lip balm from my wardrobe where my newly bought cosmetics were kept. Sonali brought Nivea fruity shine.. the cherry one. As didi's hands were still busy with the mehendi, Sonali applied it to me. I loved the fragrance of it. it was so good and my lips were like very smooth and creamy. Didi asked me if its ok now. I said its great. like the taste. All started to giggle. As i was young and in my teenage, Preeti put a red strand on the area behind my right ear. Didi liked the idea. it looked wonderful and hot. Finally the hair extensions were properly done. I was looking very pretty and like a young teenage girl with those curly long hairs. my hairs were washed and given a good style. It was a very feminine cut. My hairs were left open and i was feeling all girly girly. My hairs were also coloured in a burgandy shade. It was very light but complemented my red strand. 
        It was sangeet the next day and the time was running out from the clock. We had started my transformation in the morning and now it was about to be 10.00 pm. i was told by my sister to change my clothes. i was given a bra. Didi helped me to hook it properly. She said that a bra is very essential for a women and it also gives the breasts a proper and a firm shape. i said i dont have any breasts, so didi told me not to worry. She had arranged something for me. She went to her wardrobe and got a pair of silicone breasts. They were looking very realistic and they could be stuck to the chest which gave an image of actual breasts. She helped me to remove my bra. Didi took her time to set it properly and stuck it on my chest. I asked her what would mom think about it and she said that mom is too busy to pay any attention to me, this was true as mom was running here and there for all the arrangements. Didi then slowly started lifting her hands off the freshly stuck breasts as the glue by now had dried and the breasts sat properly on me and didi turned me to the mirror. Believe me, it was looking as if i was born with them. The breasts were a bit heavy which gave them the natural drop that a women has. When didi slowly released it she said that it would pull mw down as the breasts are heavy. I could actually feel myself pulling down as she released it. I saw my breasts and felt so great. Didi then put my hairs on both my shoulders. it came till my cleavage line. Now no one could say that i was born a boy, even i felt for a second that i was a girl since birth. Didi then gave me the bra she had got for me. My breasts now fitted perfectly in the cups. It was a teen t-shirt bra. Didi said that i may feel it a bit uncomfortable but she said that it is going to give my breasts proper lift and good support. I was very happy to have my own breasts and to wear a bra. I also got a good cleavage because of the bra. By this time mine n didi's mehendi were had dried and were ready to be cleaned. Didi cleaned hers first and then she helped me to clean mine. When i saw my hands i was astonished at what i saw. my hands were looking thin and feminine. I told my sister and she said thats why she told me to get it done. I thanked her for everything she did for me. She gave me a very girly hug and in response even i did the same. i did not feel like i am a guy at that moment, and i was sure i was not going to feel it for a long long time. i was still only in my bra and a skirt. Didi said that i dont want guys to see me like this as they would look at me in a very strange way, as if they are undressing me. I could not understand it as i had never experienced it. Didi then gave me a top to wear which was matching the skirt. The skirt was black in colour and the top was a T- back top. My bra straps were easily visible and didi teased me saying that i should look a bit sexy. We had our food and all my sisters friends had planned to sleep in our house. Didi applied some kajal on my water line of both my eyes and said that it would help me cool my eyes and make it look beautiful. My eyes were big compared to other guys. so it was like an added advantage. We slept late that night. Next day morning, I woke up before anyone else and straight  went to the mirror to get a glimpse of myself in it. i was looking beautiful and flawless. Soon everyone woke up and the house was full of hustle bustle as it was the sangeet today. Soon i heard the door knocking. I thought that it might be my sisters friends and i went to open the door. After i opened the door i was shocked to see who was standing in front of me. It was my mom. At first she did not realize that it was me. She said, " beta Sonal ko bolo jaldi tayaar ho jaye, late ho raha hai." Then she started staring at me. She asked me who i was as she had never seen me but she said that my face is very similar to her son. Hearing that i was more shocked. But till wen would i hide from her. After two days i was meeting her, that too in such a condition. The last time we met she saw me as a boy and now all of a sudden i have a fully grown breast and long curly hairs and two holes in both my earlobes.I thought that with my sister going out of the house to her hubbies house, even i would have to leave the house. I made myself ready and bold and told her that i am Aradhya, your son. She was stunned, and kept on looking at me. She then left all that she had in her hand and came inside the room and sat on the bed and told me to sit besides her. By this time, my didi came out of the washroom and was happy to see mom. i was surprised to see that she is calm and pretending like nothing happened. Even didi sat besides mom and they both started to look at me.....

                                                                                              to be continued.......

The marriage that changed my life

        It was my sisters wedding and we all family members were excited and very busy. I was a cross dresser and secretly used to go to my sisters room and use her things as hers and my sizes are almost similar. Namita di knew about my cross dressing habit and as i was younger, she understood me and helped me. As this was her wedding, while buying cosmetics for her she also bought it for me so that i can have my own set and after she leaves, i can use her room which were full of dresses n shoes which she was not going to take to her new house. while buying accessories for her such as bangles n rings n other things, she always bought an extra pair of it for me which were of my size. for her wedding dress, she got a lehenga and for me, as far as my male clothes are concerned, i got the traditional sherwani. But as a gift to me, my di and i had again been for shopping for clothes for my inner female. i got 3 long skirts and matching top fr all the skirts. i even got an expensive anarkali dress and matching accessories and heels and cosmetics too. I was so happy and excited,  but felt so sad that i cud nt wear it on her wedding. On this, my sister said that she has a surprise for me. i could never guess what that was.
       It was Mehendi and all were getting there Mehendi put on. My didi's mehendi was looking very pretty on her hands and feet. her nailpolish was also complementing her Mehendi. Once again i was sad as i could not participate and get my Mehendi done. Then Sonali, one of didi's friend came to me and told me to get my Mehendi done as even men now a days apply it. Didi was talking to mom for a long time and then they both seem to agree on something. They both looked at me and i was confused as i did not know what they were thinking. This marriage was full of surprises for me. Didi came to me with her friends and she asked me if i would like to join her friends for a beauty treatment. How could i say no to this, But i feared my mom would not like it. My sister had taken permission from my mother for piercing my ears. Remember i told you they both were looking at me and agreeing to something.. this was what it was. Both had not told me about it  but. Here, my sisters friends took me to my sisters room where all my clothes were kept (my feminine clothes) my didi had planned this for me. She had even told all her friends to do what they were to do to me. Two of her friends out of five had beauty parlour and they were to help my sister to get ready for her wedding. There started my journey of becoming a girl, which i was unaware till didi's friends told me. They starting doing my manicure and pedicure, My nails had actually grown long. Had not got time to cut it in the midst of the wedding's hustle bustle. They gave me a nice French manicure which i didn't realise as my face was covered with face pack which would be followed by a series of beauty treatment for my face. After such a lovely treatment, i was feeling so fresh. Looking at my nails i felt so good. they were looking so pretty, but i said that they would have to remove it as i cant wear nailpolish n roam around as i am a boy.They said not to worry. they would take it out later. I agreed. As my face treatment was done, one of my sisters friend suggested that my eyebrows should be threaded. i really got scared. I knew it would take atleast a month for the brows to grow back. But any how they were keen to get it done. They told me how to hold my brows so that it would pain less. As they finished, they showed me. It was so feminine and i just loved it. Thinking about mom i got scared, and they said they would handle my mom. Somehow they succeeded in convincing me. Now they started with waxing the body. I was wearing my jeans and a T shirt so they told me to change into my sisters nightie. It was sleeveless and was open from everywhere. The bottom was like a skirt so they could slide it up for waxing my legs. Thankfully they did not want me to bear the pain and so they brought veet. This is a hair removal cream which removes hairs without any pain at all. They first started with my legs and then my arms. Later they did my chest and my back. Most of the time I was staring at my freshly painted nails. They were looking so pretty. I couldn’t wait more for the Mehendi to be applied to me. The girls then started to apply a cream after waxing. My body now felt so smooth and sexy. I was already feeling very feminine. All the feminine things the girls were doing they had excuses for each of it. Most of the time they convinced me that mom wont say anything. The marriage was to be conducted in my didi’ s husbands town, most of our important relatives were not present. We would have a small reception in our town after her wedding. Coming back to my transformation, by this time I was done with my threading, facials, waxing, manicure and pedicure. I cant describe it in words how feminine I was feeling. Some of the girls even complemented me saying that if I dress up as a girl I would look very convincing. No body could say if I was a boy or a girl. Didi had bought me heels as I had mentioned earlier. It was a beige coloured stiletto and had five inch of heels. I had worn my sisters heels which normally used to be 3inches, but this was challenging for me. The girls then prepared to pierce my ears. It was painful but I said to my self that being a girl is not an easy thing. While the girls were busy in my transformation, Ankita, another friend of my sister took some time to tell me things about women. How they walk how they talk and how to communicate with others and the list went. She said the most important thing is the expression. If I express myself properly as s women, then no body would doubt me to be a guy, I said to my self  
                                                                                                             To be continued...
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